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Ritu Homes symbolises Indianness, purity, and assurance of quality.

A homemaker since last 10 years I have weaved all my dreams & ambitions around my home.

Being in India we are fortunate to be surrounded by the exotic environs.

Ritu Homes is my effort to promote primarily Indian art & craftsmanship.

Decorating home is a "soulful karma" for me.

Ritu Homes has given me the incredible opportunity to share the bliss with you.

Always on the lookout for unique and elegant finds, I use my aesthetics to enrich homes.

At present Ritu Homes focuses on making your homes soulful and beautiful with all the home accents that we can share with you.

We do homes with a holistic approach, considering the interior detail of the home as well as focusing on comfort, liveability and
your family's lifestyle.

All my childhood I found myself drawn to colors, history, royal architecture of JAIPUR one of the most beautiful cities in the world where i was lucky enough to spend formative years of my life.

Yes i was born in Jaipur. One of the most enduring passions has been antiques and I must say I was lucky enough to be in the world heritage city.

Hope we are successful in our endeavor.



Ritu Homes

  • I have the pleasure of having several pieces of jewellery from Ritu Homes, and have been wearing it at all my fav parties, unique, beautiful jewellery and feel beautiful when you wear it."
    Shivani, Jaipur
  • Found very nice products on RituHomes
    Neha, New Delhi
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